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Since 1993, SAFE-TECH has been a forerunner in Security & control system technology. Deploying cutting edge security, comfort and automation solutions for homeowners and businesses alike. SAFE-TECH's prominent reputation is based on unrivaled support services, a wide range of first-class products and expert consultation.

SAFE-TECH is ULC certified and maintains an active RBQ license, specializing in Security and custom control systems. Including: Entertainment and home automation systems. Our staff is experienced, qualified , and certified in advanced technology systems.

SAFE-TECH has engineered its security products for ease of use, safety and affordability. Our fire and burglary protection systems are efficient, reliable and false alarm proof. Our digital video surveillance units and video intercom systems are state of the art and easily accessible therefore they can be monitored live via the Internet and are available from anywhere in the world. This live video stream gives our customers the opportunity and assurance of being in two places at once.

Imagine having the ability to make sure that your babysitter is caring and responsible, that your staff does not get too comfortable while you're on vacation, the puppy isn't chewing up your new leather couch and those vans pulling into your driveway are just from Sears. Nice isn't it?

Smart home automation technologies are evolving at an exceptional rate. We have come a long way since the garage door opener. SAFE-TECH is extremely proud of being at the forefront of this emerging industry and we are excited to consult and inform our customers on its potential advantages for their household or business.

Our automation expertise ranges from basic automated lighting and temperature control systems to comprehensive access control systems. These include: access card entry systems, voice recognition and fingerprint recognition systems. The possibilities are endless

SAFE-TECH wants you to know that comfort and entertainment systems are no longer a luxury reserved for the rich and famous. A SAFE-TECH representative is ready to help you bring the future into your home.

Take advantage of SMART home technologies, with complete multi-room home audio centers, sleek all-in-one/touch-pads and touch screen remote controls, versatile home theatre arrangements, communicative telephone and network systems and structured wiring services that provide integrated internet, security and entertainment to every room in your house.

Our mission is to become Montreal's premier security systems provider. Our goal is to gain your trust and ensure your comfort and safety. We offer high-tech protection, cutting edge technologies, unparalleled support services and expert consultation at an affordable price. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions concerning your comfort or safety, because remember you're “better SAFE-TECH than sorry!”